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Liam Bourton

Liam Bourton finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts (WINTEC) last year but is definitely not new to the art scene in Hamilton. Having participated in Boon Street Art festival and several gallery shows, we can officially state that Liam is obsessed with the formal relationship between lines and curves, figure and ground. As an architect, he mathematically and systemically grows his imperium of abstract artworks, one line at a time.   Formalistically inspired by Sol LeWitt and Gordon Walters while embodying the energetic playfulness of Keith Haring, Liam methodically explores the potential of simple geometric elements with singular precision, creating extra material works of complexity and versatility.  Clean, crisp, cerebral modernism. His dualistic use of colors and form forces the spectator into a world of possible perceptions. Follow the lines, retrace your mental steps and become aware of the continuous contraction and distraction. 

For more information, visit his website and Instagram page

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Exhibited Artworks
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