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By inviting artists to paint on the outside of The Nomadic Art Gallery, the truck, as sculpture and painting, gradually becomes an artwork in itself, regrouping artists from all over New Zealand. By allocating a specific place to each artist, each and every one of them adds his/ her artistic stamp to the ever-evolving artwork..


Serving as a public participatory art canvas, the Nomadic Art Gallery is the first vehicle in New Zealand to physically (by going to each artist individually) and creatively (by building further on each other’s artwork) uniting artists around the country. Including works from both emerging as well established artists, having different roots, work experiences, and techniques, this participatory artwork celebrates New Zealand’s artistic diversity and rich ethnicity. Individual contributions merge into a collective narrative.


The COVID-19 pandemic, which broke out in March 2020, adds an important element to this public participatory artwork as the artwork was started before the pandemic and finished after it, resulting in some artworks reflecting these isolating times. This artistic ensemble, forever immortalized on an old-timer 1997 Forder Trader, unravels the Nomadic Art Gallery’s journey, the participating artists, all exhibitions held, the unprecedented time-set in which it took place and the unbreakable artistic bond linking all these artists together.

SInce January 2021, the truck has become a temporary sculpture at Connells Bay Sculpture Park, on Waiheke Island, where visitors have the opportunity to discover our story, each individual artwork on the truck and the merging of all of these, bringing out the best of New Zealand's contemporary art scene. 

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Gallery as public artwork
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