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Help The Nomadic Art Gallery Truck find its new home
Since January 2021, the truck has been exhibited at the Connells Bay Sculpture Park (Waiheke Island, NZ) but - due to weather constraints - we need to find a new (inside) place for it. We're thus looking for interested persons/collectors/institutions to give it a new home.
Proposals can be sent until 15 April 2024, using the link below. 


The Nomadic Art Gallery truck brings something completely unique to the arts in Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s a converted truck that transformed into a travelling art space during the 2020 worldwide
pandemic, to showcase new and established contemporary NZ and Pasifika artists. 
It’s also a dynamic incubator of fresh and exciting talent, with 106 artists having left their visual mark on its outside and 16 exhibitions having taken place on its inside. As ArtNews New Zealand states:

"Whilst the unconventional space generated waves of enthusiasm, the outside of the truck happened to be a national incubator of artistic documentation, interaction and celebration. [...] As a relational art object, the truck represents a synthesis of the intellectual, social and artistic energies that have come together to shape what could be a collective memory of New Zealand’s visual culture at an (un)certain time in history". (ArtNews New Zealand, Autumn 2021 edition, p. 53)

We'd love to talk to curators, institutions, art collectors, and gallerists – in fact anyone looking to exhibit/own a unique slice of NZ art history and steer this special asset towards an even brighter

You could acquire it as national taonga so everyone can discover its history. Use it for active mobile engagement in the arts. Or enjoy it as a facility within your gallery/institution to showcase young and emerging artists in an out-of-the-box way. The possibilities really are


In addition to the fitted-out truck, we offer a full, detailed directory and historic archive of all exhibitions, locations, and artists involved.

About the Nomads behind the truck


After working in the arts in Europe for several years, we were proud to bring the Nomadic Art Gallery to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2020. Along the way, we showcased over 200 exciting artists.


Today, we’re based back in Brussels and still focused on introducing artists from New Zealand and the wider Pasifika region to European audiences. These international ties come with the art truck of course – and we’d be happy to explore ideas about how these might benefit you.

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