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Jay Hutchinson

Jay Hutchinson is a New Zealand artist currently based in Dunedin. Hutchinson completed a Masters in Fine Arts in 2008 from Otago Polytechnic. Hutchinson works with concepts of value and exchange as seen in his performance based work (“24 hours at the sweatshop”, Common Ground Public Art Festival, Lower Hutt, 2015 and as part of Dunedin Fashion Week in 2019) and explores these concepts and other social binaries with his hand-embroidered work, where Hutchinson employs the slow repetitive process and often follows psychogeographical model where he spends hundreds of hours recreating sections of the street and the rubbish he finds with fabric and thread (“Turn left at the end of the drive” Enjoy Gallery, Wellington, 2016, Across from the court on the way to the mall, Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, 2017 and “The Archaeology of the discarded, forgotten and thrown away, The Suter, Nelson, 2019) 

Jay Hutchinson was, together with Ed Ritchie, part of the Nomadic Art Gallery's exhibition "Love". 

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Exhibited Artworks
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