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Jamie Teheuheu

Jamie Teheuheu is a painter based in Ōtautahi (Christchurch). He completed his BFA in 2019 and is nearing the completion of a BFA with honours.


Jamie TeHeuheu’s current practice is an ongoing study in the formal qualities of abstract artmaking, emphasizing materiality, process and minimalism. What matters most to TeHeuheu’s practice is not what the work ‘means’, but what emerges from the process of producing it. His most recent body of work considers an array of atmospheric elusive surfaces, utilising furnacebright reds and oranges to create atmospheric abstractions suggestive of light, energy, and illusionary depth.


These works explore how colour can evoke varied moods and emotive responses, while leaving room for the viewer to bring their own experiences and associations to the work.

Teheuheu's works were part of The Nomadic Art Gallery's exhibition "Belief", in Christchurch.

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Exhibited Artworks
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