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Harry Freeth

Harry Freeth is a student from the Dunedin School of Art whose work explores notions of authenticity of the constructed environments within which we live. The act of imitation through reconstructed models and reiterations of pre-existing objects questions the societal value of these objects which construct our realities.

As the defiant student questions their masters authority, so does the artist through replicating the Nomadic Art Gallery’s registration in coloured pencil and pen. The forgery, from a distance, fulfills the same role as its official counterpart. However, up close the artist’s hand is revealed in the subtle mistakes found in the rego, breaking its illusion.

The un-authorised retelling of the rego facilitaies play within authoritative boundaries, in a cat and mouse game of who is it that is really in charge, the student or the master? 

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Exhibited Artworks
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