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The choice of the word Bildungsdrang is arbitrary. Although we are not of German origin, Dutch descends from the same language family, the Indo-European language family (subgroup Germanic languages). If you translate it wrongly, you end up with something like "the urge for images". The word was whispered to me during one of my wild dreams. And to my amazement the word turns out to really exist and means "thirst for culture". 


Given the ephemeral nature of our mobile art gallery, we thought it would be interesting to put together a program of experimental video and multimedia art around this vague word in the form of a continuous online exhibition.  It is an exhibition in continuous motion, breaking geographical boundaries and local cultural codes thus embodying our traveling gallery’s dynamic nature.


Although there are no restrictions on content, we base our selection of artworks on two (aesthetic) principles: serendipity and indeterminacy. Over an indeterminate amount of time we will display, one video artwork per week, an aesthetics of the unexpected gloriously assuring us that we are still there, that we exist.


In a certain sense, the videographic works in this exhibition reflect the good and bad moments that await us during this artistic journey or summarize what has already happened. It reminds us not to look at events, social changes and objects with a pre-conditioned mind but to let go and dwell in the continuous evolving now. We are looking for artists capturing a moment and integrating it into one whole constantly becoming something.  


These eclectic mixes of experimental artworks are an unknown journey rather than a presence that can be encompassed in one glance. By merging research, technology and culture, our intent is to stimulate the mind and encourage the spectator to examine new viewpoints while attempting to foster a nervous tension and disperson between reality and art.  


Bildungsdrang is a dreamy attempt to explore reality.

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