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Minrui Yang

Minrui Yang  graduated from Elam (with honors) and fuels our mystery of how our memories of space are often distorted and fragmented. Stylistically she goes back to the heydays of the Song Dynasty but conceptually she is fooling us with her contemporary landscapes of Auckland. Applauded as a big talent, insiders are starting to notice her captivating aesthetics. 

Exhibiting a digital calligraphy installation outside countered by flapping “traditional” works inside, her artworks are in continuous transformation and catapult us to the beginning of all beginnings. The visual artist revisits and questions her and the coming into the world through the aesthetic lens of Shansui painting. She tests her and our perception of the world in change. With the use of fluid and carefree brushstrokes of ink on the silky fabric, she contemplates her own consciousness and lets our preconditioned mind drift along the charged lines. The evolving shapes and soft colors travel back to her Chinese roots which were largely informed through the practice of calligraphy and recognizing the Taoist notions of “presence and absence” in painting. Let yourself go and, who knows, you may revisit places that formed your identity and helped defined who you are today. 

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Exhibited Artworks
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