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Ahslin Rawson

Ashlin Rawson completed her Bachelor (honors) at the Elam School of Fine arts. Her photographic works are a voyeuristic window into her consciousness and melancholically dwell on the physical and mental aspects of maturing. Evoking a sense of nostalgia, Ashlin developed, trough the skillful use of portrait photography, a critical self-identity.  In her visual framework, the artist refers to the idea of human beings’ dual identities, accessed through our portal-like, reflective devices. Her photographs are related to the psychoanaltic mirror stage indicating the stages of human identity formation. This, in turn, encapsulated her exploration, observation and personal experiences within a narcissistic juxtaposition of her sibling as own alter ego.  This is a prime example involving the dawn of self-consciousness in which the subject experiences itself as other. Before we all get taller, have our first kiss, embark on studies questioned later, compare and compete with each other, get married, buy a house, her timeless photographs catapult us back to a time where everything was still possible, dreams were reality and everyone was regarded the same. Let your ego go and travel back in time to reflect on your upbringing while not growing in opposition to mistakes made.

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Exhibited Artworks
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