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Ada Leung

Ada Leung graduated from Elam and proves to be a rare species in the genus artist: an idiosyncratic and thought-provoking force. Her artworks, intertwined with the geometric qualities of the Nomadic Art Gallery itself thus giving it a material energy, range from hundreds of lids formed into natural organic structures to parodying a tyre’s wheel to the fragile vigor of eggshells to plastic bottles held together by glue. In Ada’s work, nothing goes to waste. Every apparent loss is a new opportunity, a chance to start over and rethink about (y)our meaningless accumulation of things in a world full of stuff.


Her artistic method can be compared to giving birth: falling in love, consumption, labour and lots of time. For some these re-readymade objects remain forever paralysed as the once mass-produced items for a particular usage, for others the possibilities, as producer or even consumer, are endless: DNA-structures, multiplying bacterial pendulums, egg snakes,... For some, it even provides an unparalleled aesthetic experience. Waste only shows itself to be a false end, a ruse that masks the continuity and potentiality of things. Passing over the rational and the speculative side of religion, her work concentrates, in all its irony, on irrational aspects of our lazy consumerist existence. But the greatest pleasure and ingenuity lies in the role of the spectator: ultimately he/ she recontextualises the artworks into a flowing world of colours, forms and meaning which humorously counter the ambivalence of the world we live in.

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Exhibited Artworks
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