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Luke Shaw 

Luke Shaw is a sound artist based in Ōtautahi (Christchurch). He completed his BFA(Hons) in 2018 and has since begun his MFA at the Ilam School of Fine Arts. His current research focuses on the expressive potentialities for cinema when it is rethought as a primarily audible medium. He is also one half of the inconsistent guitar history duo The Opawa 45s and participated in group exhibitions at "The Physics Room" (Christchurch) and "Blue Oyster Art Project Space"(Dunedin). 

In these settings, the artist enters into a dialogue with a whole array of artists with the aim of creating  a multi sensory experience for the viewer and blurrying boundaries between artistic disciplines. His interest in spoiling and documenting moments where old-school technology intercedes in the everyday, even stronger fosters an aesthetic relationship with today leads to experimental audio (visual) installations. 

Exhibited Artworks
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