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Ana Teofilo

Emerging artist Ana Teofilo (NZ born Samoan) is a talented artist whose roots are firmly based around her Samoan heritage and the traditional Siapo art forms. Her paintings blend harmoniously with the artist’s heritage and contemporary western art practices.

Ana bridges both cultures to connect with her identity. There is also a nod to aboriginal art practices with beaded pathways flowing through her paintings. The uniqueness and strength of her work bring a breath of fresh air to the Pasifika genre of art in New Zealand.

She was the recipient of the Con Hutton Scholarship in 2015 which contributed to her Masters in Visual Arts with Merit (Painting) from the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic, and a Bachelor Of Visual Arts (Painting) in 2013.

Teofilo added her artistic mark to our truck's public participatory artwork. As she said with regards to the work she made especially for the occasion: "I decided to go with blue which represents the Pacific oceans of ou people, the iconic frangi that will be seen from afar, and the added glue dots to represent the journey of The Nomadic Art Gallery as they travel up and down New Zealand". 

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Exhibited Artworks
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